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Ohio : 08 Best Places To Visit In Ohio, USA


Best Places To Visit In Ohio

Located in the mid-west, Ohio is a cultural crossroads of America. It has been a hotbed of both political and military turmoil throughout history, as well as home to several important American figures.

From world-class museums to state parks, Ohio has an abundance of attractions that make it one of the best places to visit in the United States.

There are also plenty of activities to keep everyone entertained, whether you’re in the mood for a family getaway or an adrenaline-packed trip.


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Ohio’s history is characterized by European and Native American cultures that thrived in its unique environment. The earliest Europeans arrived in Ohio in the 1600s, seeking to expand their for trading business by establishing forts and trade posts. The French and British were rivals in the area, triggering the Seven Years War (also known as the French and Indian War) between 1754 and 1763.

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Indigenous peoples of Ohio include the Iroquois, Miamis, who inhabited this region long before European contact. Sites like Serpent Mound State Memorial are testaments to their ancient culture.

Today, Ohio is a diverse, multicultural state with significant populations of Hispanic and Asian descent. The Hispanic population is largely of Mexican and Puerto Rican ancestry, while the Asian community includes residents of Chinese and South Asian origins.

1. Columbus

Columbus is a city of neighborhoods, with a diverse economic base that has helped the region thrive during economic downturns. Its thriving businesses are located in fields including education, insurance, banking, fashion, defense, aviation, food, logistics, steel, energy and medical research (Wikipedia).

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The city’s restaurants are like a microcosm of America, with global flavors rooted in immigrant traditions and rich culinary history. You’ll find fine dining legends holding court in German Village, a food truck on hustling High Street meeting out birria tacos and a hidden gem tucked inside a strip mall serving Ghanaian classics to neighborhood aunties.

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It’s also home to one of the nation’s first public housing complexes for Black citizens, Poindexter Village, and to an historic district that preserves the legacy of Columbus’ fair housing story. In the early-twentieth century, thousands of Black immigrants arrived in the city to take advantage of limited opportunities in the North.

The city is also home to several distilleries, offering bourbon, vodka, whiskey and mead. Its ever-growing brewery scene is kick starting a beer boom, with a few standouts including Seventh Son Brewing Company, which opened in 2013.

2. Athens

Athens has cleaned up a lot since it was formerly known as the “dirty city.” Now it’s a trendy place with fabulous new hotels and cool bars. It’s also home to a number of mind-blowing museums.

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If you’re looking to get a taste of ancient Greece, you can visit the Museum of Cycladic Art, which features more than 3,000 objects from classical Greece and Cypriot art (including marble bottles, pottery, metal helmets, Byzantine icons and more). The new Acropolis Museum is a must-see for anyone who loves art and sculpture.

There are so many other things to do in Athens, including visiting the Old Man’s Cave on the outskirts of the city. This natural gorge is a fascinating attraction.

The Athens Cinema is another great place to see a film while in town. This community theater is dedicated to showing local, foreign and cult movies free of charge.

When you’re done with the movie, head back to the bar for some cocktails. Athenian mixologists are masters at blending flavors and using local liqueurs, herbs and other ingredients for an experience that’s as unique as it is delicious.

3. Cincinnati

Cincinnati is a surprisingly charming city, full of historical buildings and pleasant public spaces. The city is laid out in an easy-to-navigate grid pattern with the Ohio River marking the southern border.

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Cincinnati has a lot to offer in terms of culture, sports, and food. The city’s sports teams include two professional baseball teams and the NFL’s Cincinnati Bengals. The University of Cincinnati and Xavier University also have nationally competitive basketball programs that draw local fans.

Besides the sports teams, Cincinnati is home to numerous museums and theaters. Its art museum houses a wide range of works, including American and European painting and sculpture, Far East and African arts, decorative arts and textiles.

A visit to Cincinnati should also include a trip to the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center. This museum focuses on the harrowing stories of slaves who made their way to freedom by hiding in secret safe houses.

Another important institution in the city is the American Sign Museum. This collection of colorful and brightly lit signs is visually arresting, and it’s a great place to learn about the city’s history.

4. Cleveland

Cleveland is a city that is full of paradoxes. It is a sprawling metropolis and a small town, a pioneer in social reforms and a bastion of conservatism, a blue-collar city that supports nationally acclaimed institutions and an extensive park system.

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Cleveland has a rich and diverse cultural heritage that includes a variety of ethnic groups representing many different cultures and religions. It also features several major cultural institutions such as the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the Cleveland Museum of Art and the Cleveland Orchestra.

In addition, there are a number of museums and galleries that focus on displaying the diverse cultural history of the Cleveland area. These include the Maltz Museum of Jewish Heritage, the Hungarian Heritage Museum and the Ukrainian Museum-Archives.

In addition, the city has a number of thriving social organizations that arrange events and festivals that celebrate their heritage. These include the Irish and Italian communities.

5. Toledo

Toledo, also known as the Glass City, is a vibrant place with a bustling downtown area, minor league baseball team, and many parks and nature reserves. Its history is reflected in the world-class Toledo Museum of Art, where visitors can see thousands of glass works.

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The Toledo Zoo is an ideal spot to explore a diverse collection of animals. From polar bears to penguins, the zoo has an array of exciting attractions for kids and adults alike.

If you’re interested in architecture, the Most Holy Rosary Cathedral is a great place to check out during your trip to Toledo. This historic building features black spires and steeples that stand over 100 feet from the ground.

For those who are looking for a little bit of history, Pythian Castle is another must-visit on your list. This medieval-style building is one of the most prominent structures in downtown Toledo.

If you’re a foodie, Toledo has an abundance of restaurants with American, international, and unique flavors. From high-end dining to local breweries, you’re sure to find the perfect place for your next meal.

6. Dayton

Dayton is a vibrant, growing city that offers a wide variety of entertainment options. From a world-class performing arts center to great shopping and dining, there’s something for everyone in this fun, family-friendly city.

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If you love to shop, then you’ll enjoy a trip to Second Street Market, which is the largest and oldest public market in town. It’s full of local fresh produce and delicious foods.

Another thing to do in Dayton is check out the National Museum of the Air Force. It features a vast collection of aircraft, from early 1900s planes to a space shuttle exhibit.

For art, try the Dayton Art Institute, which boasts a vast collection of fine arts, spanning more than 5,000 years. There are thousands of pieces on display, and it’s easy to spend an entire day browsing the different galleries.

If you want to see something funny, head to Wiley’s Comedy Club in downtown Dayton. They have both established and up-and-coming comics from around the country who are sure to leave you laughing.

7. Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport

Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport serves as an important air transportation hub for southwest Ohio, southeast Indiana and northern Kentucky. In commercial business since 1947, the airport facilitates modern conveniences and reliable connections to a broad range of destinations around the world.

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The thriving airport is situated 16 miles southwest of downtown Cincinnati and can be reached by taxi, shuttle or rental car. It is a hub for Delta Air Lines and Allegiant Air, as well as cargo lines Amazon Air and DHL Aviation.

In 1941, a Northern Kentucky congressman named Brent Spence and other NKY leaders began an earnest political movement to secure Federal funding for a new airport. After witnessing the damage to Lunken Airport caused by the 1937 flood, they knew it was time for a new, more modern facility.

Spence and other NKY leaders negotiated an agreement with Kenton County to purchase nearly 900 acres 12.5 miles from Fountain Square, as long as they could own and run the new airport. A year later, the federal government approved money for site development.

8. Columbus Airport

Columbus Airport is a popular air transport hub in the state of Ohio. It is primarily a passenger airport and provides 148 non-stop flights to 31 airports on 9 airlines daily.

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The airport is located 6 miles east of downtown Columbus and is managed by the Columbus Regional Airport Authority. It was formerly known as Port Columbus and is the largest airport in the city of Columbus, Ohio.

Designed to facilitate the needs of the traveling public, Columbus Airport is a highly efficient facility that is often ranked as one of the best in the country. It has been recently renovated and relaunched in 2016 with updated facilities, modernized services, and new restaurants.

It was also named the best airport in the United States by Airports Council International for Air Service Quality in 2018.

As a major airline, Southwest offers frequent service to and from Columbus Airport with numerous routes to top destinations across the country. Travelers can also find affordable options for shared rides and shuttles to get them around town or to the airport.

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