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The Kerala Story: An Amazing Upcoming Hindi-language Movie From India

29 April 2023

The Kerala Story An upcoming Hindi-language movie from India, The Kerala Story, is being produced and directed by Vipul Amrutlal Shah. A group of Keralan women who convert to Islam and join the extremist Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) are the focus of the plot. The movie has drawn criticism for presenting itself […]

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Bihar:Top Most Famous Person Of Bihar India

15 April 2023

Famous Person Of Bihar Bihar is frequently linked to a number of unfavorable stereotypes, but it has historically produced some of the nation’s brightest minds. Beginning with politicians and moving on to thinkers, teachers, and writers. Dr. Rajendra Prasad On December 3, 1884, Dr. Rajendra Prasad, the son of Mahadev Sahai, was born in Zeradei, […]

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Global Warming Is The Dangerous Warming Of The Planet’s Overall Temperature. 

13 April 2023

Global warming The gradual rise in the planet’s average temperature is referred to as global warming. Despite the fact that this warming trend has been ongoing for a while, the burning of fossil fuels has significantly sped up its pace in the last century. The amount of fossil fuels burned has increased along with the […]

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Flesh-Eating: Deadly “Flesh-Eating” Bacteria Are Spreading in the US.

12 April 2023

Flesh-Eating Flesh-Eating bacteria Vibrio vulnificus, which is found in seawater, is moving up the US coast as a result of climate change. The uncommon flesh-eating bacteria Vibrio vulnificus is migrating along the US east coast, and warming waters are contributing to an increase in infections with it. The Vibrio vulnificus bacteria , Flesh-Eating The Vibrio […]

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Women Empowered: Women Are Empowered When They Have The Freedom

10 April 2023

Women Empowered According to India’s National Crime Records Bureau, a crime against women is reported every three minutes, 94 women are raped on average every day, and a young married woman is discovered dead after being beaten, burned, or driven to commit suicide every six hours. Among the many forms of violence against women are […]

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Ram Mandir: The Temple Which Combines Arabic And Indian Beautiful Architectural Styles

8 April 2023

Ram Mandir In Dubai, United Arab Emirates, people gather in front of the recently opened temple. The temple, which combines Arabic and Indian architectural styles, is located in Jebel Ali Village, also known as the “worship village” of the emirate.. The official opening ceremony, according to the Khaleej Times newspaper, was marked by a potent […]

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