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Mysterious Aghoris: Some Amazing Miracles Were Tested On The Criteria Of Science

Mysterious Aghoris

Mysterious Aghoris: India is a country that believes in religion, spirituality and miracles. Some miracles were also tested on the criteria of science, while some were accepted by everyone on the basis of experiences. There are people who worship Naga saints and sages in the country, while the number of followers of Aghoris and Tantrikas is also not less. However, many things regarding the activities of Aghoris, methods of worship and their temples remain a mystery even today. Similar is the case with Aghori Sadhaks, Sadhus and Devotees.

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There is a temple in Shivala locality in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh. Many beliefs are prevalent regarding the Krim Kund present in this temple premises. It is said that the unbroken dhuni of Agneya Rudra present here has been burning continuously for 400 years.

No Difference Between Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh

There are three heads on both the pillars of the main gate. According to scholars, it means that there is no difference between Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. There, there are two skull skulls above the main door. It is also called Moksha Dwar. Scholars are of the opinion that the main door is not a function, but a symbol of the column of vital air. Actually, Prana Vayu gets liberation only after Kapal Kriya.

The main gate is the symbol of this. Akhand Dhuni, which has been burning for four centuries, is in the western part of the complex. This dhuni is said to be the form of Agneya Rudra because it is ignited from the cremation wood. Dr. Sridhar Ojha told that apart from the statue and throne of Baba Keenaram, there is also a temple of Lord Shiva in the temple premises. Along with this, the statue of Mata Kali is also here.

What rituals are performed in the Tantrik Peeth?

Dr. Shridhar Ojha told that now not many people come there to do tantric practices. But some time ago, Mysterious Aghoris people from remote areas of the country used to reach Aghor Peeth Baba Keenaram Sthal to perform Aghori and Tantric practices. According to him, tantriks also used to perform dead bodies here.

Apart from this, devotees used to reach here to worship Lord Shiva, Maa Kali and Mata Dinnamasta. He told that Aghori devotees are worshipers of Lord Dattatreya in the form of Lord Shiva. It is said that Baba Keenaram himself had taken initiation from Lord Dattatreya.

Whose feet Ganga used to touch, met Dattatreya

Baba Shivdas one day saw that when Keenaram used to go to the ghat for bath, Gangaji used to go ahead to touch his feet. Many stories are prevalent in Banaras and surrounding areas regarding the miracles of Baba Keenaram. He met Lord Dattatreya, the originator of the Aghor sect, in Girnar. After taking initiation from Lord Dattatreya, he reached Baba Kaluram in Kashi with the permission of the Guru. Here he showed such a miracle to Baba Kaluram that he fell at the feet of Baba Keenaram. After this, he handed over the sota given by his Guru Dattatreya to Baba Keenaram.

Mysterious Aghoris

Aghori eat human flesh and excreta

Mysterious Aghoris …9 o’clock in the night. Place Harishchandra Ghat of Banaras. Burning pyres all around. Eyes burning with flames and rising smoke. Some are chanting near the funeral pyre, some are massaging by taking ashes from the burning pyre, and some are beheading a chicken and doing spiritual practice with its blood. There are many such, who are eating and drinking in human skull. Seeing them, the mind starts shivering.

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They are Aghori. Means for whom nothing is impure. They even eat raw human flesh. Some enjoy excrement and urine. Today in the cult series, the story of these Mysterious Aghoris… Sunday. Preparations are being made for worship at Baba Mashannath temple. Today there is worship of Aughad form of Mahakal. Mahakal has been bathed with curd. Trimund and Om are being made on them from the ashes of the pyre. Fruits, sweets, paan and hemp are being offered. Many devotees are taking out liquor from their pockets and offering it to Mahakal. Pawan Chaudhary of Baba Kalu Dom family worships here. The same Kalu Dom, where King Harishchandra had sold himself. The descendants claim that their father was a Dom as well as an Aughad. This temple is the stronghold of meditation of Aghoris. Baba Kalu and Baba Keenaram had attained Siddhi here. Baba Keenaram is the ancestor of the Aghoris. In whose name there is also Aghor Peeth in Banaras.

FAQs: Mysterious Aghoris: Some miracles were also tested on the criteria of science

What is the mystery of the Aghori?

The Mysterious Aghoris claim that they are able to transfer ailments from their patients’ bodies into their own body from where they expel the disease by the use of magic. They consider that by performing such a generous act they please their superior lord, Lord Shiva, who then bestows them with greater power.

Is Aghori an untold story real?

Mysterious Aghoris -an untold story has been written in an autobiographical form with the intense intent of the author to make the reader feel that he or she is part of all the adventures and experiences.

What does Aghori eat?

Mysterious Aghoris eat faeces and rotting flesh; live in graveyards and worship the dead. What’s the ideology behind such extreme practices? Human beings have always been fascinated by ritual – especially that which is arcane, sacred and profane. Welcome to the world of the Aghori.

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