Best Places To Visit In Ohio

Located in the mid-west, Ohio is a cultural crossroads of America. It  has been a hotbed of both political and military turmoil throughout  history.


Columbus is a city of neighborhoods, with a diverse economic base that has helped the region thrive during economic downturns. 


Athens has cleaned up a lot since it was formerly known as the “dirty  city.” Now it’s a trendy place with fabulous new hotels and cool bar.


The city is laid out in an easy-to-navigate grid pattern with the Ohio River marking the southern border. 


Cleveland has a rich and diverse cultural heritage that includes a  variety of ethnic groups representing many different cultures and  religions.  


Toledo, also known as the Glass City, is a vibrant place with a bustling  downtown area, minor league baseball team, and many parks and nature  reserves.  


Dayton is a vibrant, growing city that offers a wide variety of  entertainment options. From a world-class performing arts center to great shopping and dining,  

incinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport

Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport serves as an important air transportation hub for southwest Ohio.

Columbus Airport

Columbus Airport is a popular air transport hub in the state of Ohio. It provides 148 non-stop flights to  31 airports on 9 airlines daily.