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Ram Rath Yatra: There Was An Amazing Religious Gathering known As The Ram Rath Yatra.

23 April 2023

Ram Rath Yatra Ram Rath Yatra, From September to October of 1990, there was a political and religious gathering known as the Ram Rath Yatra. The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and its Hindu nationalist affiliates were in charge of organizing it, and L. K. Advani. The yatra’s goal was to support the Vishwa Hindu Parishad […]

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Differences between Indian Polity and U.S. Polity

18 April 2023

Indian Polity A political party is an organization that tries to win elections. Its leaders usually have a background in government and a strong following among voters.In India, a government is formed only after a party or a coalition wins the majority in parliament. That is because India is a parliamentary system of government, and […]

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