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Vrindavan : One of the Famous Holiest pilgrimage spots of the Hindus

Top Things To Do In Vrindavan , Mathura

Vrindavan is said to be a major part of Lord Krishna’s childhood. It was here that Lord Krishna and Goddess Radha’s love story bloomed, and all the stories of the notorious side of the Lord with Gopis were based on. Vrindavan, Brindavan, and Mathura are all the names of this sacred birthplace of Lord Krishna. This town is famous among all ages of tourists for different reasons .


It is one of the most sacred places for Vaishnavism tradition. Vrindavan is a significant part of the “Krishna pilgrimage circuit” which also includes Mathura, Barsana, Gokul, Govardhan, Kurukshetra, Dwarka and Puri. Yamuna river flows through the city. It is located 125 km away from Delhi and 15 km away from Mathura City. A lot of tourist visits during Janmashtami.

It is the perfect place to disconnect, relax, unwind & reconnect with mind, body & soul. It is also a perfect place to go for all the history buffs as well .

Lists of best places to Visit

Banke Bihari Temple

Shri Banke Bihari Mandir is a Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Krishna in the holy city of Vrindavan in the Mathura district. Integrated in 1854, the temple homes a grand collection of Lord Krishna Idols and painting along with his acquaintances. The history of this temple dates back to the time of Swami Haridas, a renowned poet and classical musician of the Dvapara Yuga and guru of Tansen. It is believed that when Haridas was once singing a religious verse in Vrindavan for his disciples, Radha and Krishna appeared in front of him.


Prem Mandir

Prem Mandir is a massive temple that was shaped by Jagadguru Shri Kripaluji Maharaj in the year 2001. Prem Mandir in Vrindavan is not just a temple but an alluring piece of architecture, much admired by the visitors . Inside the temple is a specially constructed platform that allows the visitors to enjoy a grand view of 48 panels that exhibit the life of Lord Krishna. Events including the majestic Jagadguruttam Diwas Mahotsav are also celebrated here at the Mandir. The huge marble edifice boasts incredible architecture with intricate stonework and is adorned with manicured gardens, courtyards, and fountains.


This temple is acknowledged as the first temple constructed by the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON). It was built in 1975, with the foundation of the shrine laid by Swami Prabhupada, the founder of ISKCON. Also known as Sri Sri Krishna Balaram Mandir, ISKCON Vrindavan is a dream fulfilled of Swami Prabhupada who wished to build a temple for the brothers – Krishna and Balaram – in the same holy city where they played together several centuries ago .

Shree Rang Nath Ji Temple

One of the most visited Vrindavan tourist places, Shree Rang Nath Ji Temple is an imposing holy destination with a distinct architectural design. Spread in an enormous piece of land, the temple is one of the largest in Vrindavan with ancient decor and homes various columns, pillars, and even a lake. The Sri Ranganatha Temple is a prominent and famous temple located in this beautiful town. It is also the largest temple in the vicinity. It is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and his consort, Lakshmi.

Keshi Ghat

Open Timings – 6 AM – 9 PM

With gorgeous ancient palaces on the coasts, the Keshi Ghat is an open bathing spot in Vrindavan. The ghat is considered to be one of the most elegant banks of the river Yamuna

Mirabai Temple

It is said that Meerabai stayed at this very place while she was in Vrindavan from 1524 to 1539, after which she left for Dwarka. The temple was built by Thakur Ram Narain Bhatti in 1842 and are managed by the descendants of the same family.

Sri Ashta Sakhi Temple

Sri Ashta Sakhi Temple is an ancient temple devoted to Lord Krishna, Radha and their acquaintances named the Astha Sakhi, in other words, eight friends.

Shri Jugal Kishore Ji Temple

An establishment dating way back to 1627, Sri Jugal Kishore Ji temple is probably one of the oldest architectures found in the city of Vrindavan .

FAQs : Vrindavan

Why Vrindavan is so famous?

It is one of the most sacred places for Vaishnavism tradition. Vrindavan is a significant part of the “Krishna pilgrimage circuit” which also includes Mathura, Barsana, Gokul, Govardhan, Kurukshetra, Dwarka and Puri.

What is the mystery of Vrindavan?

It is believed that Radha-Krishna come to the temple every night to rest. Anyone who has tried to see what happens in the night either dies, goes blind or lose their mental balance.


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