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Delhi Metro Bikni Girl : Rytham Chanana On Best Copying Urfi Javed In Delhi Metro Bikni Girl

Delhi Metro Bikni Girl

The original name of Ritham Channa is Preeti Pastry, who is a model and actor by profession.The one who was roaming in Delhi Metro for many months wearing Urfi Javed's clothes, during that time she became famous. Her height is approx in 155m and 1.55m and 5'1". Her eye color is brown and her hair color is brown.she was born in 2004, at present she has 23 years ahead in 2023.She was born in Fategarhsahib, Punjab, India. Her hometown is Punjab, India.She has completed her education from The Acting Guru, New Delhi.

Some Points Know Facts About Rythmn Chanana

  • Delhi Metro Bikni Girl is an Indian model and actor. In April 2023, her video went viral on various social media platforms in which she was spotted wearing a bikni in Delhi Metro.
  • In a interview, she shared that her family was orthodox. She said that her family and neighbours did not like her dressing style.
  • She started uploadingh dance videos on her instagram account in 2022. She has also uploaded a few lip-sync videos on her instagram.

Instagram Account – rhythm_chanana1122

  • She then joined a theatre group The Act Guru (TAG) in New Delhi and performed in various theatre plays with the group.

Delhi Metro Bikni Girl Performing In a Theatre Play

  • She was also worked as ahost in various shows of the thatre group The Act Guru (Tag)
  • A part from Delhi, she has performed in a few theatre plays in Chandigarh with the theatre group Chandigarh Art Theatre
  • Delhi Metro Bikni Girl participated in a digital acting contest organised by FTC Talent in 2022. She impressed the judges with her nurse act and was declared the first-runnerup of the show.
  • In 2022, she was declared one of the winners of the digital contest Life Tak Se Live Tak, which was organised by the YouTube channel Life Tak.
  • In 2022, she maked a video on a cover video song ‘ Chale Na Zor Ishq Pe’

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  • She loves reading books and dancing in her free time.
  • In April 2023, her video wearing a bikini in Delhi Metro went viral on social media Later, she took to her Instagram to confirm that the girl in the video was her. In a interview, when she was asked if she was following the dressing style of The Indian model Urfi Javed,she replied

” It’s my freedom in What I want to wear. I am not doing this for a publicity stunt or to become famous. I don’t care what people have to say. I am not inspired by Uorfi Javed. I didn’t even know who she was until recently a friend showed me her photo. However, I look up to her after knowing her story.”

  • After her video went viral, the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) issued an official statement regarding the matter. The statements reads,
DMRC expects its commuters to follow all social etiqutee and protocols which are acceptable in society. Commuters should not indulge in any activity or wear any attire which could offend the sensibilities of other fellow passengers. DMRC’s Operations & Maintenance Act in fact lists indency as a punishable offence under section 59. We appeal to all our passengers to kindly maintain decorum while traveling on a public transport system like the Metro. However, issues such as rthe choice of clothing while traveling is a personal issue and passengers are expected to self-regulate their conduct in a responsible manner.”

FAQs : Rytham Chanana On Copying Urfi Javed In Delhi Metro Bikni Girl

Is metro fare free for ladies in Delhi?

No, Delhi Metro is not free for the ladies currently till now.

Which things are not allowed in Delhi Metro?

Blood, dried, coagulated or decomposed, whether human or animal.
Carcasses of dead animals.
Bones excluding bleached and cleaned bones.
Manure of any kind.
Rags, including oily rags

Is Delhi Metro free for students?

Currently, no discount on fares is offered for any category of passengers on the Delhi Metro. “We are ready with a technology-based solution to provide relief to students and senior citizens travelling on metro trains.

Is cloakroom available in Delhi Metro?

Paid Cloak Room facility is available at New Delhi Metro Station of Airport Express Line.

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