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6-Merits of commercialisation of Education

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  1. Due to the commercialisation of education, various organizations like the General Agreement on
    Trade in Services (GATS) provide opportunities to students to pursue professional courses in foreign institutions. Teachers and lecturers are also engaged in job opportunities in abroad. Commercialisation of education is increasing employment opportunities.
  2. Commercialisation of education helps in improving the literacy rate which is a major indicator of
    economic development. Apart from this, commercialisation also improves the country’s gross domestic product, which is another indicator of economic development.
  3. Commercialisation of education helps students to get appropriate information about the benefits of
    innovation. Based on the development of an international information network, the role of the English language, etc., the commercialisation of training helps students to obtain appropriate information about
  4. the benefits of innovation. For this, many educational organizations around the world have developed new to do this; there has been a change in the curriculum and educational plan.

5. Commercialisation of education promotes personality development of students. The commercialisation of education provided formal education to the students.

6. Commercialisation of education leads to social development. Social development is essential for the
development of the country.

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