Washington is a state in the United States and is surrounded by Canada  to the north, Oregon to the south, Idaho to the east, and the Pacific  Ocean to the west. 

Best Restaurants in Washington

Old Ebbit Grill has been a Washington DC staple since 1856, serving classic American fare to locals and tourists. 

Old Ebbit Grill

With restaurants, retail and a dynamic neighborhood of year-round public  and private events, The Wharf is one of the city’s hottest waterfront  destinations. 

The Wharf

A popular restaurant in Washington DC, Le Cirque is a great place to  enjoy some high-quality cuisine. The place is renowned for its fine food  and high-profile clientele.  

Le Cirque

Altura, located in a cozy, romantic spot on Capitol Hill, is a  fine-dining restaurant that is known for Italianate flavors and  Northwest influences. 


In the heart of Dupont Circle, brothers Maziar and Shahab Farivar have  brought a touch of the Far East to Washington’s dining scene.  


The Meatball Shop first opened in 2010 on Manhattan’s Lower East Side  and has since spread to five other locations across the city and  Brooklyn.  

The Meatball Shop

The Grill has been a Washington DC staple since it opened in 1856. Its  current location is just a couple blocks from the White House, and it’s  known for its historic decor.  

The Grill