Flesh-Eating bacteria Vibrio vulnificus, which is found in seawater, is moving up the US coast as a result of climate change. 

The Vibrio vulnificus bacteria

The Vibrio vulnificus bacteria can lead to potentially fatal wound  infections, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and  Prevention. 

The spread of vulnificus, Flesh-Eating

The spread of vulnificus to New Jersey and New York, along with an aging  population, could cause the number of cases to double every year. 

The Bacterial Infection

The bacterial infection, which consumes flesh and occasionally  necessitates amputation to stop it, used to mostly occur in brackish  waters along shorelines. 

What exactly is Vibrio vulnificus?

The Vibrio vulnificus species, known for its propensity to consume human  flesh, thrives in warm, brackish environments, particularly in bays.


Swelling, pain, redness, warmth, fever, discoloration, and discharge are all signs of an infected wound. 

What defenses can you employ

Vicbrio vulnificus prefers the brackish, marginally less salty waters  found in bays, inlets, and estuaries because the open ocean is too salty  for it. .