Most Historical Places in Virginia

Virginia is one of the 13 original colonies and has played a significant  role in United States history. It has many historical attractions that  are worth visiting. 

Natural Bridge of Virginia

The Natural Bridge of Virginia is a 215-foot natural limestone arch in  the state of Virginia that’s one of the oldest geological formations on  the East Coast.  


Jamestown Settlement is a great place to learn about the early history  of America. You can watch artifact-filled gallery exhibits.

Virginia Beach

It’s also a great place for families to spend summer vacations, and there are tons of things to do while you’re there. 

Colonial Williamsburg

Colonial Williamsburg is the world’s largest living history museum. It  features 301 acres of reconstructed colonial buildings, homes, shop 

Virginia Museum of Fine Art

The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts is one of Richmond’s finest  attractions. With a collection that rivals those found at the best art  museums in larger cities 

Edgar Allan Poe Museum

This historical attraction features one of the world’s largest  collections of original manuscripts, letters, first editions,  memorabilia and personal belongings. 

Mariner’s Museum and Park

The Mariners’ Museum and Park showcases over 32,000 artifacts that highlight the human race’s connection to the world’s waters. h