At the intersection of Western, Central, and Southern Europe is the  landlocked nation of Switzerland, or the Swiss Confederation. 

It shares borders with Germany to the north, Austria and Liechtenstein  to the east, France to the west, Italy to the south, and Germany to the  north. 

Switzerland is descended from the Old Swiss Confederacy, which was  founded in the Late Middle Ages as a result of several military  victories .


Switzerland is geographically divided into the Swiss Plateau, the Alps,  and the Jura; the Alps occupy the majority of the country’s land.


The capital of the canton of Zürich is Zürich, which is also  Switzerland’s biggest city. It is situated at Lake Zürich’s  northwestmost point in north-central Switzerland. 


After Zürich, Geneva is the second-most populous city in Switzerland. It  is also the largest city in Romandy, which is the French-speaking  region of the country. 


The Swiss Alps’ Zermatt is renowned as a mountaineering and skiing  destination. Up until the middle of the 19th century, it was primarily  an agricultural community.  


The most populous city in Central Switzerland, has a population of  about 82,000 people and serves as a regional hub for commerce,  transportation, culture, and the media. 


Basel, also spelled Basle, is a city in northwest Switzerland on the  Rhine, at the intersection of France, Germany, and Switzerland.