Global warming

The gradual rise in the planet’s average temperature is referred to as  global warming. The amount of fossil fuels burned has increased along with the size of the human population. 

Changing weather

Changing weather patterns, rising sea levels, melting glaciers, floods,  cyclones are all signs that it is gradually evolving into a  crisis of unprecedented proportions.  

Impact of Greenhouse Gase

The truth is that a significant portion of North America’s eastern  coast, along with other forested regions of the world, were deforested  beginning in 1800.


The “Conclusion” reaffirms that the main issue facing our global society  is global warming. There is little doubt that the effects of global  warming. 

Reasons for Global Warming

Carbon dioxide (CO2), a significant environmental component, is the  primary offender. Due to an increase in water evaporation into the  atmosphere.

Impact of human activities on Global Warming

 This may  even result in more severe storms and droughts, which could harm Earth’s  plants and animals.