Trip to El Paso

El Paso is a major international travel hub for all of West Texas; travelers are likely to start their trip. It boasts a different feel than its eastern counterparts.  

It is responsible for destination marketing for the City  and includes  Convention Development and Meeting Planning Services;  Film &  Creative Industries Commission.

It is the sixth-largest city in Texas, on the United States-Mexico  border. The city on the other side of the border is Ciudad Juarez,  Chihuahua. 

Fun things to do in El Paso and great places to visit include the  Museum of Art with its fine collection of pre-Columbian and Indian art,  the Mission Trail.

El Paso Scenic Drive 

For the best views of the city and its border landscape along the  southern edge of the Franklin Mountains, El Paso Scenic Drive is a  must-experience.  

El Paso Zoo 

The El Paso Zoo has three major exhibits featuring animals big and small  from America, Africa and Asia. Visitors can get up close to species  such as monkeys, eagles and sea lions. 

Museum of Art 

The El Paso Museum of Art is home to 7,000 classic and contemporary pieces, the earliest dating back to the 12th century.  

Authentic Mexican Cuisine 

El Paso bills itself as the Mexican Food Capital of America . ELEMI’s tacos are great,  especially enjoyed the esquites, a deconstructed Mexican street-corn dish, chiles.  

Municipal Rose Garden 

Known as one of the most beautiful places in America, it is filled with  320 different varieties of roses, with 1,460 individual bushes.