Best Beaches in Calfornia. It is the best beaches to visit during summer  holidays. And here very nice restaurants In Calfornia. We can Come and  Enjoy here. 

Beach In California

Best for natural life spotting California’s Central Coast has more than 100 named shorelines, shifting from covered up bays culminate for calm consideration.

Seacliff State

Best shoreline for photography and long stroll Supported by overgrown redwood woodlands, the rough Enormous Sur  coast could be a supernatural put.

Pfeiffer Beach In California

Best shoreline for surfing & people-watching. One of SoCal’s best shorelines, the sand encompassing this surfing  hot spot contains a energetic and walkable promenade close the dock.


Best shoreline for Instagram & sunbathing. Apparently Malibu’s most dazzling shoreline, El Bullfighter is  popular for being the spot where swimsuit-model photo shoots take put.

El Matador State

Best shoreline for climbing & photography Extending 19 miles, Sonoma Coast State Stop could be a chain of  wave-lashed sandy pockets isolated by sensational rough headlands. 

Sonoma Coast State Park

To visit the Misplaced Coast is to find volcanic shorelines of dark sand  and ethereal fog floating over thundering surf as grand Roosevelt elk  brush the timberlands. 

The Lost Coast

Best shoreline for learning to surf. Its long sandy shoreline has one of the chillest local vibes in San Diego.