Places To visit In Sacramento 

Sacramento, the state capital of California, is a storied city with a long history and several visitor attractions.  

It is a charming city with many experiences available for all types of travelers. There are a variety of cultural and recreational attractions  to enjoy when you visit. 

As well as being a center of political power, Sacramento acts as an  economic and cultural hub and has even been billed as ‘America’s Most  Diverse City’. 

The city is named “the city of trees” for a reason, and you will see  why. There are many hiking trails, arboretums, and gardens around the  city.  

Sacramento is an unlikely unsung hero of California destinations. There is a myriad of things to do in Sacramento.  

California State Railroad Museum  

This Museum is among the world’s largest  railway museums. Located in Old Sacramento, this museum is one of the  premier attractions in the city. 

Crocker Art Museum  

The Crocker Art Museum holds an impressive collection of California art  from the Gold-Rush era until the present,European paintings  and drawings and American photography.  

Old Sacramento 

Old Sacramento covers eight blocks (28 acres) of historic buildings  along the city’s waterfront, designated as a National Historic Landmark. 

California State Capitol Museum 

This 19th-century granite building, modeled after the U.S. Capitol, is  home to the California Legislature and houses a public museum and a  surrounding garden.