Washington, USA, not to be confused with the nation’s capital, is a  state blessed with breathtaking natural landscapes, vibrant cities, and a  rich cultural heritage.

1. Seattle

Seattle, Washington’s largest city, is a dynamic metropolis renowned for  its thriving tech industry, coffee culture, and vibrant arts scene.  

2. Olympic National Park

Located on the Olympic Peninsula, Olympic National Park offers a diverse  range of ecosystems, from ancient rainforests to rugged coastlines. 

3. Mount Rainier National Park

Home to the iconic Mount Rainier, an active volcano towering over 14,000  feet, Mount Rainier National Park is a hiker’s paradise.  

4. San Juan Island

Escape to the picturesque San Juan Islands, an archipelago nestled in the Salish Sea. The islands offer a perfect blend of outdoor adventure, wildlife encounters, and relaxation. 

5. Mount St. Helen

Witness the raw power of nature at Mount St. Helens, a volcano that  erupted in 1980, leaving a dramatic impact on the surrounding landscape.   

6. Leavenworth

Enjoy the Christmas-like atmosphere, indulge in German cuisine, and  explore the surrounding Cascade Mountains for outdoor adventures. 

7. Spokane

Situated in eastern Washington, Spokane is a vibrant city nestled amidst natural beauty. Explore Riverfront Park.

8. Palouse

This picturesque destination is a photographer’s dream, especially  during the spring when the fields burst into vibrant shades of green and  yellow.