Trip to Baton Rouge

Baton Rouge, the Louisiana state capital, sits picturesquely along the  Mississippi River. It is the heart and soul of the state’s eclectic  culture. 

Baton Rouge has a colorful story to tell, which can be tasted through  our culinary offerings, seen through the picturesque views of the  Mississippi River  

The city is home to the destroyer USS Kidd, part of the USS Kidd Veterans Memorial, one of the city’s must-see sites.  

Outdoor activities are also easy to find in Baton Rouge — places like  the Bluebonnet Swamp Nature Center are a good place to look for an  adventure.  

Louisiana’s Old State Capitol  

Louisiana’s Old State Capitol sits on a hill overlooking the Mississippi River in downtown Baton Rouge . Completed in 1849.

USS Kidd 

The USS KIDD Veterans Museum is a nonprofit organization, highlighting  the role that Louisiana and its citizens have played in U.S. military  history.  

Louisiana State Capitol 

The interior, however, is decorated in marble and rich wood paneling,  with a commanding cast-iron spiral staircase and an awesome gallery.

Louisiana State University 

LSU is the state’s flagship university and has more than 100 student  organizations, 194 undergraduate and graduate/professional degrees.  

Baton Rouge Zoo 

More than 944 animals and birds, set in their natural outdoor habitats,  plus a children’s area, tram and train rides make this a family-friendly  attraction.


Oyster – Gumbo – Crawfish Cajun and Creole Baton Rouge have plenty of options to stay in hotels , lodge and resorts .