Artificial Intelligence

The Journal publishes technical articles on various aspects of artificial neural networks and machine learning systems. 

– An international journal publishing state-of-the-art research results and innovative ideas on all aspects of artificial neural networks and machine learning

One of the essential purposes of AI is to automate tasks that previously would have required human intelligence. 

AI technology will alter the cyber security environment in yet another way as its hunger for data changes what kind of information constitutes a useful asset, 

Data and AI connect, unify and unlock both intangible and tangible assets; they shouldn’t be thought of as distinct. 

Artificial intelligence (AI) is truly a revolutionary feat of computer science, set to become a core component of all modern software over the coming years and decades.  

The report notes that the Chinese government has been implicated in the theft of personal data from more than 500 million customers of the Marriott hotel chain. 

Hardly a day passes without a news story about a high-profile data breach or a cyber attack costing millions of dollars in damages. Cyber losses are difficult to estimate,